“______________” is dead

White Australia,

It was not supposed to happen this way.

History moving forward, slowly, based on need and flows of peoples and their ideas could have looked more like this:

The Macassan and Javanese would continue to visit, eventually routing their way down as far as current sydney, too cold to go any further.
Han’s would hear, as would proto-Indians, who already had knowledge of this land through their ancient connection, and those in current Afghanistan and surrounds would be next to continue to come.

But not in massive numbers. None of them would have the need cos White people, you who conquered and came and flashed and destroyed and forever politically physically spiritually changed this island just like the place you know call the middle east… in this model you never did that, so small amounts of different ones filtered in, and moved on and sometimes stayed and knew they needed to work with the people already here, because they didn’t outscale them, and it made sense to do so.

And those Javanese and some from the ancient Asian climes came with islam and which stayed buoyant and necessary to the idea of unity and because these people respected the voyage and through this, the fact of difference, they were non-confrontational to the earth knowing peoples of this land.

And eventually, as trade continued and you realised your food was bland and those with the spices saw the power in our trees and seas and the continental ones loved the journey and the conjoining – the food , the sex, the song… you eventually came here too. A long time later. By then you did not own everything. You did not dictate who we could be. You did not bring your shitful brand of control and domination to the people who mingled and fought for sure but who worked out together how to live and evolve maybe. Maybe not, maybe there would be brutality in this alt-creation of an island nation too… but at least it wouldn’t be so fucking sudden, horribly ugly. And time would crease out the edges, the jagged points, the place would evolve into a space of being for all who came with knowledge and respect for those already here.

And White Australia would not be. I would not have to recoil in fear of seeing those words, or the symbol you use to represent it. Or the constant reminder of you owning them. The them that were before, and the them that came from your wars.

White Australia is dead because it never was alive.

It was only what you said and forced down our souls. A shame, really

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