As much as I despise the idea of the nation state, or perhaps because of its despicable way of dehumanising and denaturing our human nature I have decided to start a new one. Who would like to be a citizen?

It will be called assassiNATION.

Our first policy will be to remove the Qld Labour Party and the Federal Liberal National Party from power for their insanely stupid lobbying, pandering and signing of contracts toward the Adani coalfacefuck. It is unforgivable, and in the lands of assassiNation we will not stand for such stupidity, heads will roll. it waste of money, our blessed minds and the ecosystem which does not deserve to be mistreated for their revolving door capitalocentric disasters.

Our second policy will actually be a declaration of war. Against the United Kingdom. For many reasons, not just the visual pollution of the Royal Family and the present-history of colonial violence and shithouse cooking. But, because the UK Parliament just signed the extradition papers to send Julian Assange to the United Fucking States of Idiocy Foolish Christian Crap Country.

He will die there.
The coral will die here.
Our hearts are dying we as accept the status qua as it is written in front of our forsaken faces.

Join assassiNATION. Burn them all!

Pulling down the pain

The overthrow of the Jankowski monument:

“Driven by concern for the common good and respect for human dignity and freedom, we undertake our action in the conviction not only of its profound rightfulness, but also of its public usefulness, and as such, we summit to the community’s judgment”


A propositional choreography which is itself a derivative of a proposition by choreographer Michael Klein, of the state of dance being a channel through which to design a political system of bodies. In this ALT-Parliament I propose a site where all bodies together move to their own pace, within their autonomy but with awareness of the other bodies they are in relation to. Here, is a deep listening exercise in which we deconstruct the very nature of what we perceive as different and in which we learn to embody the sense of oscillation that governs all life. Here, in this site – waving between stillness, objectivity, substance, flow, and intersubjective pain and pleasure – we attempt a dance of knowing; ourselves with each-other, within space over time.
The structure itself is simple. We move, without instruction, without music. We try not to look to each other, we allow ourselves to move freely through space, we try to not play with each other, but more so allow the sensation of the other to ripple through our own movement. For two hours we move and hold ourselves in this space – defining and stretching the limits of our environment, and re-coding our interpersonal ecologies.
We start and end this through a selection of dance tracks each of us love that we want to bring to the group. 2-3 tracks to begin, 2-3 tracks to take us out. In the middle (between these phases of ecstasy) we find each other in time together, and design this Alt-parliament.

To work on FOUNDATIONal dreaming we must, to a certain degree, perceive through a tabula rasa – this is the space of our gallery, and our time together in defining it centres and edges. The present remains, as does history, our tabula-rasa thence, is a palimpsest.

There are so many aspects to my desire to participate in FOUNDATION so I will try and hone it into a single sentence or paragraph:

My artistic practice is increasingly trying to reframe itself as a dialogical aesthetic which can be used as a vessel for critical dreaming. Within spaces of critical dreaming we can use the extent of human experience, and knowledge of other subjectivities as methods to define the institutions which govern and ‘manage’ our lives. These institutions range from infrastructure, technology, governance procedures, energy production and consumption, economic modelling and distribution. Critical dreaming allows us to use alternative apparatuses to aide in the potential design and implementation of new systems which consider human and non human experience at the centre of institutional processes. I feel like FOUNDATION is the perfect place to explore the possibilities of these frameworks, where the consideration of ethics and aesthetics is paramount and where our intellectual apparatuses (whether they be writing, dance, construction, deconstruction, cooking, etc) become the driving investigatory tools.

Prompted by the opening statement of FOUNDATION, I started to develop a social system based on key principle-processes and morality-meshes that might inform a built environment. We could use this as a way to defining a day of activities and objectives, here it is written propositionally:

Foundation al
Factor ies

Factor ie
Foundation al

(which is
principle) of the
Collective autonomous
Experience… *

These are where we ‘work’play’
On enterprises which relate to each
Factor & how it relates to others. Here, in these factor/ ies, we freely choose to
enter, participate, plan, pull apart, and place together;
evolve, dream, criticise, rest, play
All these (edges) (centres) are of cause, not for profit.
Each is connected into the grid (of energy & information) > a smart system which allows each to focus on the moment they are in, whilst still, (positively) affecting others.

These edges all flow, spiralactically into multiple centres, to which we are always reminded of ‘who we are and what we can be’… & how these articulate into a generative human RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES paradigm. This is the only paradigm we are expected to constantly participate in, how and when and with what intensity is defined by ourselves (need and ability).

Interspersed between these foundational factor/ies are enterprise stations > where, if you choose you can operate free-share-trade-fair of goods, services etc, in these here agoras are the engines of further or meta-economy. The bulk, base economy, is taken care through social reformation, smart economy, foundational factor/ies (which are largely automated) and which provide us with food and energy. This metaconomy is where people extend and play within a fair-market. Base livelihood is not at stake. In the metaconomy we play for growth, fun, and extension.

People continue meaningful work, not superfluous economising and profit driven practice. But engage in activities which feed into and from the multiversal declaration of human rights and responsibilities.

This means that workplace schemes, such as teamwork, culture, productivity through pleasure, and management strategies may be continued, not within a for profit or competitive framework, BUT within a collaborative / share economy. We take root in the key meanings of the word economy – management & home… let us then define these terms.

In this foundational social dream all are welcome to work, rest, and play, simultaneously, together, and apart. This the way toward rewatering mars. Nothing is enforced.


Originally proposed for FOUNDATION, a project by:

Book of Walls, Folds, and Fools (Book of Dream) NYE 2018



Turning a new page in a book is a refreshing sound. Like how an old book smells when we crack it open. We breathe in wisdom. We exhale guidance. We don’t even realise the world we are stepping into. Sometimes. We come back to same stories for a new perspective. The Great Wall of Books was born from this provocation. Dreams evolved towards an epic collaborative installation made of steel, timber and time. Books, and deep seeking. It became a space sparking change through subtle engagement with ideas for public encounter. A vessel to inspire critical dreaming and social change. It has been fifteen years to this day. Last year, we came together with the Village Festival of New Art and Performance and Falls Festival to conceive of a new phase in the life of ‘the biggest book ever bound’. Over NYE 2018/19 we facilitated and collated artworks with hundreds of punters – across clay, film, sound, painting, writing & performance. Together these pieces form the basis of the next phase of experimental performance, exhibitions, wildflower gardens, and screenings. At night we screened an evolving film, created from the processes, actions, intrusions, pauses and phases of the material existence in and around the book…

Watch Book of Dream

response to the left seeking an answer to the continuous rise of the populist right

Maybe the problem is nationalist politics itself.

Maybe the national state is the natural ally of the rightest wing flappable. to keep it up, to keep the make believe real, to enforce its borders and protect its economy and identity from others and mobility itself – the nation state will always move right. of course, the people dont actually believe in whatever state-idea they are born in or forced to become part of, they need it caged around them by prison guards who they outwardly praise but inwardly want to see destroyed.

We must look at a heterogenous cosmopolitics. Here-in lies the revolutionary space, here is where true social movements dedicated to freedom and responsibly for and from all life forms – is developed. Capitalism knows it, its been playing it for decades, and it uses smart language to make us think it is against it (“f’n globalists!”). But of course it knows it for growing capital, not for sustaining happiness, hybridity, and health.

It is time to take the political consciousness and our belief in any singular state apparatus into a non liner, non specific, open, contiguous, global mechanism.

this is what nation states look like:
and this is what they do when they hang out with each other:

“ Sisi also visited Russia as an Egyptian President at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The visit was described by Putin as reflective of “the special nature” of the relation between the two countries. Sisi was welcomed by General Sergey Shoygu who showed him different Russian-made military vehicles and weapons in the airport. Moscow’s Vedemosti business daily reported that Russia and Egypt are nearing a $3 billion (2.2 billion euro) weapons agreement.[168] . On 11 December 2017, during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Cairo, the two countries signed agreements in which Russia would build Egypt’s first nuclear reactor, and supply nuclear fuel for the same. It was also agreed that a “Russian Industrial Zone” would be built along the Suez Canal, explained by Putin as being “the biggest regional center for producing Russian products onto the markets of the Middle-East and North Africa.”

Fuck the nation state! Fuck your singular identity! Embrace a cosmopolitan ethics and develop new modes of relationality across fabricated borders and governance models.