since starting a phd which seeks geo-poetics not geo-politics:

death of leonard Cohen

election of trump

assassination of russian diplomat in a turkish art gallery

2017 deadliest year for children in Syria

continued bombing/ proxy war in yemen

war in Ethiopia

belarus rigged elections and crackdown/arrest of protesters and opposition

attempted poisoning and arrest of russian opposition leader, navalny

poisoning of sergei and julia skripal

food and financial crisis in venezuela

removal of morales from Bolivia / reinstatement of morales in Bolivia

election of bolsinaro

consolidation of Modi power in India/ heightened discrimination of muslims

military takeover of myanmar

taliban takeover of Afghanistan


invasion of ukraine by russia

removal of assange from ecuadorian embassy/jailing of assange in belmarsh prison

panama papers

pandora papers

persecution of rohingya muslims

persecution of uighur muslims

“operation peace spring” invasion of Kurdish held cantons in northern syria by turkey after US abandoned Kurds

Assassination of Syria Future Party leader Hevrin Khalaf

killing of kasshogi by Mohammed Bin Salman / Saudi Arabia

Kidnapping of Lebanese prime minister by Saudi Arabia

Dubai vice pres and prime minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum kidnaps own daughters who tried to run away. Loses court case with wife, Princess Haya (of Jordanian royal family)


‘accidental’ bomb blast in Beirut

disbanding of the FARC in Colombia

end of castro dynasty in cuba

fires in australia, california, greece

floods everywhere

dakota access pipeline protests

black lives matter protests

capitol riots

yellow shirts protests

Athenian refugee and solidarity squats evicted

Moria refugee camp burnt down

clive palmer buys hitler’s car (this one ‘may’ be fake news, the rest is, unfortunately, is not)

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