ANACD: Autonomising not atomising connected disconnectedness.

People know that they can be, but perhaps feel less, connected to others.

VERB: (an anacronym, becoming synecdoche of a verb, ie. “I am anacding”)

ADJECTIVE: “this (experience, issue, period) is anacd!”

ANACD; (anaecht, annact)
Anacd is a term of reference for a movement  (in) [1] time for the collective sensation brought upon by the largest-longest common pain known by a global scale of people simultaneously [3]. Bodies are not being-together in the proximal-heat sense experience so their perceptive focus is pulled between the lack of that and awareness of multiple others together splintered. The social affect presents as a realisation of autonomy (of self-sense experience or short-distant othering) without the disconnection of atomisation. In this sense-flow bodies are connected-disconnected. Autonomizing not atomizing connected disconnectedness.


In experiential etymology* was a question regarding ‘how’ a word which is defining  newly prevailing ideology (nP/I)[2] or event, becomes collectively significant. P/I’s evolve with different temporalities, making their appearance felt in various experiences of time (some stay for a short time and effect a small group, some for a long time and effect a large group, etc etc).

This question was originally asked by DarioVacirca to LucieMcintosh after a discussion around the prevailing Ideology of the term ‘superfood’, and investigating the take up and prevalence of references to such relatively minor, yet deeply effective experience leading to nP/I’s such as ‘superfood’. Anacd is such a term as to define the affect of this nP/I, a major experience in terms of scale of awareness and effect on agency. Autonomizing not atomizing connected disconnectedness.


Experiencing etymological creation. Living through the moment of realising a category (of new language) is being established. Naming it, defining it, and continuing.

 is a conjunctive adverb, situated under a hyphen, underscoring the new-flow conjunction being formed / coined. It is a replacement of the word “in”, as “in” alone has already disappeared into the newly created term such as “movement-time”. It is clear that we mean movement in time but also more now we have created a new form in ‘movement-time’  It is unnecessary to add the ‘in’ but perhaps important to reveal that it is always under (behind) the conjunctive.

P/I – prevailing ideology.
nP/I – newly prevailing ideology. One which is in current.

Relatively speaking of course there have always been common pains experienced by numbers of people, but the argument here is about the unique all-in physically global epochal affect of the period referring to covid; first named in feb 2020 and continuing to inflect upon consciousness as a basic common reference for some time.

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