Creativity precedes lack

All life is creative.

All humans are alive
All humans are creative

All art is creativity, with dedicated time

Art requires freed time
Freed time is freedom to choose – what to do in life.

Art requires good ideas
Good ideas require freed time, deep listening and play.

Criticality comes with practise

All humans are artists.
We know what that means.
It means practising art is like giving, is like caring, is like letting go, is like gardening, is like loving, is like dreaming

This is what we do to become our human being. Once we know our human we know our place with the more than human. And we continue.

Time is flow, and experience, it can’t be valued beyond the value of life itself. It can’t be measured except for its relation to the flow of experience.

Don’t fool yourself. You are not exceptional. We all are.

Image: Relacion, 1986, Tomas Sanchez

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