Human Nature and Politics (Michael Parenti, 1990)

Never worry about how the nation needs stable institutions. This nation needs changing institutions, and creative institutions. That’s what it needs.

Never worry about how our country needs a successful presidency…. We need to worry that the nation needs an honest, democratic president.

And never worry that we need strong leadership, and a strong military, and strong defenses. We desperately need a clean environment and decent transportation and affordable housing and a whole other list of things.

The nation needs the will of its people, it needs the interest of its people, it needs the labour and concerns of its people.

The nation needs sanity and a vigorous move away from the extremism, and the insanity, and the deceit, and the conspiratorial hypocrisy that now rules.

The nation needs democracy, and we don’t have enough of it, and we aim to get it. That is our human nature, or that is in the nature of our humanity. A yearning for decency, for peace, and social justice.


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