response to the left seeking an answer to the continuous rise of the populist right

Maybe the problem is nationalist politics itself.

Maybe the national state is the natural ally of the rightest wing flappable. to keep it up, to keep the make believe real, to enforce its borders and protect its economy and identity from others and mobility itself – the nation state will always move right. of course, the people dont actually believe in whatever state-idea they are born in or forced to become part of, they need it caged around them by prison guards who they outwardly praise but inwardly want to see destroyed.

We must look at a heterogenous cosmopolitics. Here-in lies the revolutionary space, here is where true social movements dedicated to freedom and responsibly for and from all life forms – is developed. Capitalism knows it, its been playing it for decades, and it uses smart language to make us think it is against it (“f’n globalists!”). But of course it knows it for growing capital, not for sustaining happiness, hybridity, and health.

It is time to take the political consciousness and our belief in any singular state apparatus into a non liner, non specific, open, contiguous, global mechanism.

this is what nation states look like:
and this is what they do when they hang out with each other:

“ Sisi also visited Russia as an Egyptian President at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The visit was described by Putin as reflective of “the special nature” of the relation between the two countries. Sisi was welcomed by General Sergey Shoygu who showed him different Russian-made military vehicles and weapons in the airport. Moscow’s Vedemosti business daily reported that Russia and Egypt are nearing a $3 billion (2.2 billion euro) weapons agreement.[168] . On 11 December 2017, during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Cairo, the two countries signed agreements in which Russia would build Egypt’s first nuclear reactor, and supply nuclear fuel for the same. It was also agreed that a “Russian Industrial Zone” would be built along the Suez Canal, explained by Putin as being “the biggest regional center for producing Russian products onto the markets of the Middle-East and North Africa.”

Fuck the nation state! Fuck your singular identity! Embrace a cosmopolitan ethics and develop new modes of relationality across fabricated borders and governance models.

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