As much as I despise the idea of the nation state, or perhaps because of its despicable way of dehumanising and denaturing our human nature I have decided to start a new one. Who would like to be a citizen?

It will be called assassiNATION.

Our first policy will be to remove the Qld Labour Party and the Federal Liberal National Party from power for their insanely stupid lobbying, pandering and signing of contracts toward the Adani coalfacefuck. It is unforgivable, and in the lands of assassiNation we will not stand for such stupidity, heads will roll. it waste of money, our blessed minds and the ecosystem which does not deserve to be mistreated for their revolving door capitalocentric disasters.

Our second policy will actually be a declaration of war. Against the United Kingdom. For many reasons, not just the visual pollution of the Royal Family and the present-history of colonial violence and shithouse cooking. But, because the UK Parliament just signed the extradition papers to send Julian Assange to the United Fucking States of Idiocy Foolish Christian Crap Country.

He will die there.
The coral will die here.
Our hearts are dying we as accept the status qua as it is written in front of our forsaken faces.

Join assassiNATION. Burn them all!

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