a little bit of late night cajoling

Do you think that:

-our future is borderless, and intersectional

-our community’s are trans: national/personal/identity/generational/species


Do you think that:

-our collective (tele/cyber) presence requires a new way of thinking and organising – through COSMOPOLITICS

-we have universal and unwavering human rights & RESPONSIBILITIES to ALL life on this planet and beyond

-our global justice and governance bodies suffer from a massive LACK due to the veto and financial power of nation states that are tied up in corporate interests, and whom have a serious lack of OPENNESS and sharing

-the few should not decide for the many


Do you think that:

the way out
of crony&disaster&neo-liberal competitive capitalism and the destructive tendencies of ‘own’ership

is through
-critically dreaming
& -ACTING upon alternative models that will ACTUALLY benefit the globe and all its constituents

and that this (re-commoning) is largely already happening in so many places all the time BUT the progressive peoples of our world are fragmented, siloed, isolated (even-though-hyper-connected), and potentially prey to the narcissistic shitswarm, nationalist rhetoric, competitive labour demands, social and traditional media manipulation, personal fixation… etc f’n etc that is the current power-paradigm-model of personal-collective delusion

Do you think that:

A way
-to keep our global institutions accountable and powerful
-to relate our autonomies
-to be a force at the table of the future

is to support a progressive international movement dedicated to bringing the VOICES of the many who are fighting for distinct yet super connected causes into a position that can challenge the institutions of hate and greed that continue to drown us out on a global scale


YES to the local fight, it can only ever be.
YES to keeping things small and slow.
& YES to bringing these together globally to ACT in a way that our future friends CAN’T DEFEAT.

This is one of many actions we need to take. We must understand the power of people plus technology plus ETHICS in the new economy that WILL see us progress beyond the end of our colonial-imperial-nationalist shared histories.

We can’t miss this chance to see and be in the possible. To wrestle a smart-future into our hands and away from those bent on control through manipulating chaos.


Join Progressive International:

“Our Progressive International will reach out to communities in every corner of the world to help build our shared vision.
Our Progressive International will stand by people who are already fighting to end inequality, exploitation, discrimination and environmental degradation.
Our Progressive International will reclaim our communities, our cities, our countries, and our planet with a bold International New Deal that we will work, together, to deliver.
It is time for progressives of the world to unite.
Today, on behalf of DiEM25 and The Sanders Institute, we issue a Call to Action: to create a global network of individuals and organizations that will fight together for dignity, peace, prosperity and the future of our planet.
Join us. Join Progressive International.”

Visit the website here.


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