How the controlladore’s do it

Does anyone know of any political theory/science essays or other writings that examine a government’s deliberate use of attacking all progressive social / environmental areas systematically and in relative quick pace? The result being division amongst (activist) groups whom through practicality of limited resources and time focus on a cause or two and hence find it difficult to fight other symptoms or issues resulting from the policies, legislations etc of said government? I am looking for historical examples, patterns where this occurs and the political ideology that spawns it. I think it is more than divide and conquer, even though that plays and important part and essentially defines most geo-political strategy since before Machiavelli and to the present day.

It may shed some light on the predictable situations we are currently attempting to deal with in Australian. Across the arts, Aboriginal rights, education, environment, social services, marriage equality, immigration etc (all realms where the socially progressive blossom) there is clearly a tactic strategy to keep us busy flailing about in anger/frustration/bewilderment, and action.

There is clearly precedence here, the recent Occupy and Spring movements all addressed a multiplicity of oppression tactics by grouping together causes and fighting through syncretic methods. I am after writings about the classic and contemporary political theory/science that leads to this strategy.


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